Skin 79 Super+ BB Cream Review

This is one of my favorite beauty products! I’ve been using this for a few weeks now, so I thought I’d give you guys my opinion on this product! 

BB cream is extremely popular in Asia. It works so well for me that I’ve stopped using foundation altogether. BB cream gives you a natural and flawless look. I really like it because it makes my skin look bright and glowy. ^___^ The main reason why I started using this was because my foundation was clogging my pores and causing me to have massive breakouts. Although the consistency of this BB cream feels thicker than my usual foundation, it actually feels lighter once I apply it to my skin and it does not clog my pores. In fact, my breakouts stopped after I started using this. Anyway, I loved this so much that I bought two!

  • Whitening -In Asia, women typically like to have paler skin and I’ve noticed that my skin tone has gotten lighter. In addition, I used to have redness around the nose and a few dark spots from acne but they have been fading away. 
  • Smoothes and softens skin -My skin texture has improved ever since I started using this!
  • UV protection -This one is SPF 25 and that’s really important especially since I live in California. It’s important to use skin products with SPF because too much sun can cause wrinkles!
  • Anti-wrinkle -Keeps skin looking firm and youthful.
  • Moisturizes and controls oil -My skin never dries out from using this product and I never look oily either. I feel moisturized and fresh faced all day.
  • Decent coverage -Not as heavy duty as foundation, but still does a pretty good job covering redness and blemishes for the most part.
  • Lasts all day -The thing I hated about my foundation was that it looked and felt like it was melting off my face halfway through the day. With this BB cream, my skin looks great from morning to night.

  • Only comes in one shade -Unfortunately, this particular product only comes in one shade and it is fairly light. It’s more suited for people with fair to light skin tones. If you are a deeper complexion, this cream will over-exaggerate your skin tone. However, there are lots of other brands of BB cream that have a deeper tint.
  • Does not offer as much coverage as foundation -If you you have a lot of blemishes, it will be more noticeable because BB cream is lighter than foundation. However, BB cream encourages skin regeneration and will even out your skin tone. So rather than trying to cover them up, you’ll be able to get rid of them entirely! In the long run, it’s actually a good thing.

  • Give it a few minutes to set -It may look a little too white and dewy right after you apply it, but wait a few minutes and it will blend perfectly into your skin.
  • Watch out for fakes! -Look for the authenticity sticker. Also do a google search and compare the real one to the fake one.

  • I bought mine at Colourmix while I was on vacation in Hong Kong. It’s a lot cheaper in Hong Kong. I got mine for approximately $12 USD. It usually costs around $30 in the U.S. though.
  • Buy directly from Skin79’s website.
  • You can also find it on Amazon.
  • Sephora also carries various brands of BB cream, but not the one I am reviewing.
  • If you live in the L.A. area, Little Tokyo has a makeup store that also carries this product.

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