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Face Mapping: What Does Your Acne Mean?

Have you ever noticed that you always seem to get acne in the same spots? That's no coincidence. Your acne can tell you a lot about your internal health. The areas of your face where you get acne are directly correlated with specific organs in your body. Face mapping is an ancient Chinese diagnosis of your health. By charting your face into several zones, you can find the underlying causes of your skin problems.

All throughout my early teenage years, I was blessed with nearly flawless skin. I never broke out and would only find the occasional small pimple every so often. But as I got older, I was attacked by an army of tiny bumps all across my forehead and in between my eyebrows. I could never understand why only that part of my face broke out and everything else looked fine. After studying face mapping, I understood my bad habits better and discovered the solutions to clearing that area up. My skin is still not perfect, but I have seen a great deal of improvement since then and I expect my skin to clear up completely someday if I continue what I'm doing!

Forehead = Digestive system
Acne in this area can be remedied by cutting out junk food. You want to decrease your intake of saturated fats, sodium, and refined sugars. Drink lots of water to flush out toxins that are trapped in the body. Get plenty of rest and try not to get stressed out too often. Try to get exercise and fresh air every day. My mom is a big believer of Chinese remedies such as eating "cooling foods" to improve the skin. Some cooling foods you can try are cucumbers, watermelon, apples, strawberries, oranges, lettuce, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, tofu, chrysanthemum tea, and green tea.

Area between eyebrows = Liver
This area is similar to the forehead. Eating foods that are too rich, like dairy products and consuming excessive amounts of processed foods causes toxin buildup. Avoid fatty and greasy foods, drink less alcohol, and avoid smoking. Do light exercise every day. Sweating is one way your body releases toxins and it can help your liver get rid of the excess buildup.

Area around eyes and temples = Kidneys
Blemishes here can be due to lack of hydration. Drink more water and avoid coffee, sugary drinks, and alcohol. Did you know that dark under eye circles are also caused by dehydration? Drinking more water not only helps get rid of acne in this area, but brightens up your eyes too!

Nose = Heart
Nose acne can be caused by several possible factors such as poor diet, indigestion, bloating, and high blood pressure. If the skin around your nose peels a lot, it may be poor blood circulation. Lower your consumption of meat, salt, and spicy foods. Try to exercise more and get fresh air every day.

Left cheek = Liver
You may notice breakouts on your left cheek if your liver has had too many toxins to handle. It may also be due to overeating. Eat cooling foods and "whole" foods to detoxify the body. 

Right cheek = Lungs
Allergies and excess sugars can make you break out too. This may also be a problem zone for smokers. Expose your skin to plenty of fresh air and exercise frequently. Avoid fast food when possible.

Area near sides of mouth = Hormones
Acne in this area can be due to eating too much spicy or fried foods. Try replacing your toothpaste and lip products if you think they are making you break out. You can also check if you have any hormonal imbalances. Doctors can prescribe medication to regulate your hormone levels.

Chin = Stomach
Trouble with digestion can cause you to break out. Increase fiber intake to aid digestion, eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and exercise regularly. Also check for hormone imbalances.

Other factors:
Other reasons you get acne may just be caused by poor hygiene. If you talk on your cell phone a lot, make sure you wipe off the screen with disinfecting wipes often. If you use a lot of hair products, keep your hair away from your face. Wash your pillowcases and makeup brushes often. These are small things we usually don't notice but they are places inhibited by bacteria which causes breakouts.
Please note that these are just broad guidelines and having acne in a certain area does not mean there is something wrong with your organs. You can follow these simple steps to see if you find improvements in your skin!

As you can see, many of the suggestions listed are the same regardless of which area you get acne in. By improving your eating, sleeping, hygiene, and exercise habits, you will find significant results everywhere!  


  1. I never thought there's something like this. I had fun reading and analyzing. Hahahaha Thanks for sharing! :*

  2. Oh, I never knew about this - great post! Lately, my T-zone has gotten really oily and I've started breaking out... maybe this will help me improve my skin condition ^^ x

  3. haha I guess my lungs and liver are totally hosed at the moment! My cheeks are the only places I get pimples!
    I've also nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! http://samthebear.com/blog/2013/06/22/the-versatile-blogger-award-vba/
    I hope you'll do it!

  4. WOW - this post is so interesting! o__o I only get acne on my right cheek - and I do have ridiculous allergies. (Not so much the "smoking" or "sugar" stuff, but yes, allergies!) Thanks for such an interesting read!

    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  5. I've been breaking out more than usual lately and found this post super helpful! Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. I always get acne around my chin area, it's soo annoying. Thanks for writing this post Natalie. It was a very interested read about acne!

    Dawn @ Pursiko.com

  7. Thanks for sharing this! :) Really informative and helpful.


  8. this is so cool! i learned about chinese medicine in chinese class and i didn't know you could face map acne :o thanks so much for this post c:

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  10. Omg I have never seen a better description than this thnx so much

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