12 Piece Turquoise Makeup Brush Set Review

Hi everyone! I'll be reviewing some makeup brushes I received from The Salon Outlet. They come in this beautiful turquoise case which is great for display or for traveling!

Here's a little about the company: The Salon Outlet was made for the beauty salon owner, cosmetologist, freelance makeup artist, hair stylist, or guy or gal ready to start their own beautifying business. We offer products to help you with those professional touches at a very affordable price tag, so you can spend your hard earned money on the products that matter most to your clients. Let us take care of you by giving you budget-friendly salon equipment so you can splurge on THE best hair care, nail polish,and makeup - the higher end things that'll give your clients the ultimate salon experience.

Even if you're not in the beauty business, they still have lots of products for the makeup enthusiast such as brush sets, train cases, and airbrush kits!

So here's what the case looks like. Very vibrant and cute!

And here are the brushes. I love the turquoise color on the aluminum part.

Powder Brush
This is probably my favorite brush. It's so soft and fluffy and the largeness of it really helped disperse my blush lightly and evenly, giving me a natural flush.

Angled Contour Brush
I like this brush. The angle allows me to create a nice sharp line for contouring my cheekbones, but it's also very fluffy so you can blend it so naturally.

Foundation Brush
I've tested this using my BB cream and it applies fairly well. There were some streaks so I had to put more effort in blending them out. I usually don't use foundation brushes because I don't like them in general. However, this one is not too bad.

Stippling Brush
I really like this brush! It applies foundation/BB cream much better than the foundation brush. Using a stippling motion, I got very even coverage and my face did not feel too heavy.

Angled Eye Shadow Brush + Eye Shadow Brushes
The the two brushes with the white wool material are fluffy so it's nice for blending and doing smoky eyes. I had some issues with these brushes because for some reason, the bristles weren't attached very well. Like 1/3 of the bristles fell out so I had to squeeze the metal part so it would grasp the brush better and keep the bristles from falling out more. I liked the brown brush and it's good for a all-over the lid brush.

Eyeliner Brush + Eyebrow Brush + Flat Head Brush
I think these three brushes are quite versatile and interchangeable. You could use these for either eyeliner or brow looks depending on how you want to style it! I tried both gel and powder with these brushes and they work great! Personally, I prefer using the angled one for doing my everyday cat eye look, and the flat one for my brows.These are my 3 favorites for the eye makeup brushes.

Concealer Brush
Works great for those small places like sides of the nose, corners of the eye, and covering pimples!

Lip Brush
Although I don't usually use a lip brush, I tried this one out and I was able to draw a precise fine line so I have no qualms about this brush!

Overall, I like the face brushes more than the eye brushes. I feel that they just work a little better when it comes to blending, dispersing product evenly, and quality. For $19.99 I think this set of 12 brushes is a good deal! I think the best part of this set is that it comes with the adorable carrying case. One piece of advice though: keep the brush protectors they come with because you don't want to crush the bristles and ruin them when you're putting the top back on the case!

If you're interested in these brushes, you can check them out on The Salon Outlet's website. There are many other color choices such as black, pink, purple, and red!

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