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Maintaining Silver/Gray Hair At Home With Overtone

We've all heard of the struggle with maintaining silver hair - it looks amazing, but doesn't last long. After a couple washes, it just fades back to a bleached blonde. The upkeep can be both expensive and time consuming. With Overtone's line of vegan and cruelty-free treatments and daily conditioners, you can maintain your metallic locks cheaply and in the comfort of your own home.

I got an ashy blonde balayage done a couple weeks back and I was so in love with the final look. Sadly, it didn't last long at all. After two weeks, it already started to look not so ashy and more of a brassy shade. Then, I got the chance to collaborate with Overtone and I was excited to see if they could revive my hair!

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What Is Overtone?

The great thing about Overtone's products is that they are not harmful chemicals that just dry out and weaken your hair. They are color-depositing conditioners, so not only does it tone your hair, it also makes your hair feel silky smooth! I was so surprised by how soft my hair felt after using the treatment. It was the most nourished it's felt since I first bleached my hair! There's a wide variety of colors to choose from: red, orange, peach, rose gold, pink, purple, silver, blue, teal, and green.

Here are a few more quick bits about Overtone products:
  • oVertone can be used on real hair or human hair wigs and extensions
  • It can be used for toning, keeping a salon or semi-permanent dye fresh, or coloring without a dye
  • It works for as long as you want it to!​ It stays bright if you continue applying, and will fade out if you decide to stop
  • Apply it in the shower like normal conditioner. Leave in 3-5 minutes and rinse out with warm/hot water (possibly the best part--no more cold showers)
  • For brighter results, you can apply to dry hair. Leave it in 10 minutes and rinse with warm/hot water. Per above, wet hair 100% works too...we’re all about choices!
  • Daily Conditioners are meant for every time you wash your hair (to replace pigment typically lost during normal washes and heat styling). Deep Treatments have an extra boost of color and hydration, which we recommend as a weekly sub-in for the Dailies or for initial coloring until you get to your desired color. ​

The Products

Overtone kindly sent me a couple products to try out and review: the daily conditioner and deep treatment. Each product comes in three intensities - pastel, vibrant, and extreme. Which one you choose just depends on how vibrant you want the color to appear. We went with Extreme for me because my hair was still pretty dark to begin with, so we thought Extreme would bring out the best results.

Daily Conditioner

I received the Pastel Purple Daily Conditioner which I was instructed to mix a little into the Extreme Silver Daily Conditioner to help tone brassiness. I also got a Pastel Red Daily Conditioner (but more on that later). The Daily Conditioners are meant to be used every time you wash your hair and they deposit a small amount of color to replace what gets washed out. 

I give the daily conditioners a 4/5! It's not quite as strong when it comes to adding color to your hair - its purpose is just to replenish what got washed out, but I feel like it could be stronger. The consistency is the same as any other conditioner. I apply this in the shower and allow it to sit in my hair for 3-5 minutes. 

Go Deep Weekly Treatment

The Go Deep Weekly Treatments give a stronger pop of color and additional nourishment to your hair. I'm using the Extreme Silver Go Deep Weekly Treatment here. This is the product that really sold me.

I give the weekly treatment a 5/5! Although it had a strong henna smell, I didn't mind it much and it doesn't leave that smell in your hair after you wash it out. Also, it stains your skin so make sure you use gloves to apply it (though it washes out fairly easily even if you do get it on yourself). I couldn't believe how well it deposited color into my hair without harmful chemicals. The added bonus was how soft and luscious it made my hair. I leave this product in my hair for 10-15 minutes, then wash it out.

If you're not sure which product you should go with, you can read more about the differences here.

The Process

Help! My Hair Turned Green...? 

I used the Go Deep Weekly Treatment first. After seeing the results for the first time, I was really impressed! The product 100% worked - I could see how my orangey blonde hair had been transformed to ashy blonde with hints of silver.

However, I was also surprised to see that in some lighting, my hair had a strange green tinge to it. Alissa from Overtone sent me this resource to learn more about how to achieve my desired silver color. You can read it here! This blog post is super helpful in explaining what to do when your hair comes out an unexpected color.

I've learned a lot about maintaining silver hair throughout this process. For one thing, how bleached your hair is will affect the outcome of the silver. For me, my hair wasn't cool blonde, it had a warmer color to it, so the warmness brings out a greenish tint. To avoid this, you need a red toner to color correct it, which they kindly sent to me after I explained the outcome. If you do not want to use all these different colored toners to color correct, make sure your hair is dyed light blonde to begin with - that way the silver will show up more vibrantly.

The Final Result

In the end, my hair turned from a hay-like orangey blonde to a beautiful ash blonde! I love the muted blonde and the hints of silver/gray in it. It's exactly how it looked when I first got my hair done at the salon (and to be honest, it might look even better than what I had originally done...!)



Overall, I'm thrilled with this product and it will be my go-to brand when I need to touch-up on my hair color. Thanks for reading this long post! Hope it helps with your hair transformation. Feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions!

This post was sponsored by Overtone, but all opinions are my own.

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